HD Custom Seat.com was born purely out of looking for that perfect seat to offer a simple one bolt changeover. The bulk of the time I ride solo, but when I ride two up, I wanted a simple solution, easy to change-out, and something that was, what can I say - out of this world!

My initial design fell short of my expectations ( 4- images below) - no ones fault but my own.  I went back to drawing board and found a true award winning motorcycle builder who understood my vision - Working back and forth with George Thomas, Canadian Bike building champion far too many times, we worked out a totally new direction ultimately delivering a one piece removable seat pan with a custom old school 1925 Corbin Leather Spring Solo Seat all attached as one unit.  Drop Dead Stunning!

Like many riders I was looking for a simple solution. It takes time to do it right- but in the end - It shows!
Look at the last two images - a solid fiber pan which now will be under going its final stages of completion. This includes, leather wrap with stitching, chrome springs, chrome custom made assembly and detailed finishing.

If you are looking to have a unique work of art designed for your ride please get in touch with us. We make one-offs no factory duplication here. You choose the Tail, the seat colors, the design of the chrome trim rail's etc. The options are endless.

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First 4 images were the original Design concept - Not satisfied with the first design, we went back to the drawing board and did a total revamp and kicked it up a notch.
I believe this to be a true work of art.  More images to follow after the International Motorcycle Show

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